Shenzhen Jiaanda 301 million successfully won the Nancheng Hongwei Road 2009G030 plot

Date:2011-05-08Source:Jiaanda Group Hits:2127

At 15 o'clock on the 15th, a commercial and residential land numbered 2009G030 on the east side of Hongwei Road in Nancheng District. After 90 rounds of fierce competition, Shenzhen Jia'anda Investment Group Co., Ltd. finally won the bid of 302 million yuan. The land price of the block is 3790.3 yuan / square meter.

A total of 7 developers participated in the auction, namely No. 1 Shenzhen Jiaanda Investment Group Co., Ltd., No. 13 Guangzhou Zhongzhou Real Estate, No. 6 Nanfeng Real Estate, No. 8 Zhongxi Real Estate, No. 16 Fuying Real Estate, 19 No. Shenye Real Estate and No. 3 Tianli Real Estate.

In the whole auction process, No. 1 Shenzhen Jia'anda Investment Group Co., Ltd. and No. 19 Shenye Real Estate have been in the state of sawing. Interestingly, when the asking price was 150 million yuan, Nanfeng Real Estate on the 6th directly called the price of 160 million yuan, which was a full increase of 10 million yuan. Tianli Real Estate No. 3 was unusually low-key. When the auction started, it raised three cards. Even with a low-key, the last time the placard was raised, it directly increased by 8 million yuan. After that, there was no placard.

When the asking price began to break through 200 million, the atmosphere at the scene was extremely fierce. When Jia'anda on the 1st called 240 million, the 16th Fuying Real Estate directly rose 10 million yuan and called 250 million yuan.

The auction immediately entered a white-hot state. When No. 16 Fuying Real Estate shouted 300 million yuan, No. 1 Shenzhen Jia'anda did not choose to give up, but boldly shouted out 302 million yuan, and finally no one was asking for the price. And on the 19th, Shenye Real Estate, which has been fiercely bidding, has chosen to give up. After 90 rounds of fierce competition, Shenzhen Jiaanda successfully won the 2009G030 plot.

After the auction, Xie Wei, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Jia'anda Investment Group Co., Ltd. told the housekeeper ( that the psychological price of 302 million yuan is basically in line with psychological expectations. This plot is a must-have, and Jiaanda has been fully prepared before the auction.

It is reported that Shenzhen Jia'anda Investment Group Co., Ltd. is the first time to take land in Dongguan. The company has projects in other parts of the Pearl River Delta, such as Shenzhen. Because of its optimistic location in Dongguan in the Pearl River Delta and the development prospects of Nancheng, it has spared no expense in winning this place. "We will start construction as soon as possible." When asked when the 2009G030 project started, the company's deputy general manager Xie Weiru answered the reporter of the housekeeper ( He also said that the plot will not be a low-end project.

 It is understood that the land area of the 2009G030 plot is 32,521 square meters, and the plot ratio cannot be higher than 2.45, 111.5 million yuan, an increase of 500,000 yuan.

The infrastructure around the 2009G030 site has reached the three links, namely water, electricity, and access. The land has been partially leveled, and the remaining part of the building remains. The Nancheng District Office will deliver the land to the competitors according to the status of the land within 3 months after the transaction. The planning and construction requirements for the bidder shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the “Approval for Construction Land Planning” of 200933005; the development and construction period of the plot is 3 years, and the construction of the parcel will be started before January 15, 2011, in January 2013. Completed 15 days ago.